Information on major points of progress during this project


  • We began examining our options for the existing building in 2008/2009. It was apparent that it needed a new roof, completely new electricity, new plumbing, and new central heating. In addition, the building only accommodates approximately 90 seats in the sanctuary, which forced us in 2014 to begin holding two services each Sunday morning to have enough space for everyone. Now we are even facing challenges with space in our second service.

  • Our initial intent was to extend the existing building; however, because of town planning, the building needed to be moved back 2.5m to allow for potential road expansion, which would not be possible with the existing sanctuary. It was apparent that there were only two options: (1) sell the current property and purchase another site, or (2) demolish and rebuild 2.5 meters back.

  • In 2011, the plan was completed and approved by the church members. We then had to complete all the planning processes and obtain zoning permission, permission from neighbours, and other necessary consents. Building permission was finally received in March of 2016.


  • After many meetings with the local governmental authorities, our project manager, our construction company, and church members, we agreed to register the property as a "building site in preparation" in April of 2019. We were given one year to prepare the site, and construction is planned to begin in March of 2020.  


We would kindly ask you to consider joining us in this project. 

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