Since 2009 when we began planning this project, we have been working and consulting with experts to address the changing needs of our community. A renovation was not an option because of the city's plan for road expansion, and selling and relocating would remove the freedom to conform the building to the people it serves. The third option was to remove the existing building, move back 2.5 meters, and build a new purpose-built facility using the entire land space.



The basement floor will accommodate a carpark and youth center. Having the carpark underground will allow for it to be used during the week with younger people.

Ground Floor
  • Main Hall

  • Stage

  • Library

  • Stairs, Lift

  • Toilets (M,F,D)

  • Children's Facilities

  • Storage Space

  • Atrium

  • (367.08 m2)

1st Floor
  • Main Hall

  • Conference Room

  • Storage Spaces (2)

  • Offices (3)

  • Translation Booths (2)

  • Toilets (M,F)

  • Hallways

  • (144.38 m2)

Top Floor
  • Terrace

  • Balcony

  • Guest Apartment

  • Accommodations (4)

  • Toilets (M,F)

  • Showers (M,F)

  • Board Room

  • Dining Room

  • Kitchen

  • Hallways

  • (296.35 m2)

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