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Since 1989, the site of Celovška 70 has been owned by church members and has been used to serve the Ljubljana community in a variety of capacities. In view of the changing needs of society, the various groups using the facility, and requirements of the local government, the old building must be removed and replaced with a purpose-built facility, as proposed.

Our primary purpose here is to present this project, and to encourage participation in joining together to complete this much-needed facility.

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Church Building Project
Multi-purpose ministry facility since 1989

The existing property was purchased in 1989, where an old farm house was renovated to serve the needs of the church. The church community has since outgrown the facility, and additional space is now required for all those who use it.   

Multi-Purpose Ministry Facility in Ljubljana

Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana is the present owner, investor in the new project, and main user of the property. The church serves all ages in the community through regular services, children's programs, youth events, men's and women's fellowship events, education programs, prayer, Bible studies, and social activities.. 

Podvig d.o.o. serves Slovenia through the publishing, retailing, and distribution of Christian literature to help and support the church family. The online bookstore is administered by Podvig d.o.o., which also supports and conducts humanitarian projects, takes part in international missions, and organizes seminars and concerts. Podvig's work is to encourage and help people of all ages.


Voditi z namenom (Lead with Purpose) is a network of leaders committed to advancing people toward their potential. It serves the community by facilitating leadership development opportunities.

Mozaik is a drop-in center that services all generations of Ljubljana by creating a safe place to meet, learn,  study, do crafts, play games, be given tutorials, and build relationships. Throughout the year, social time, family-orientated seminars, and children’s programs are facilitated.

Royal Rangers is an activity-based, small-group ministry for boys and girls with a mission to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and women as lifelong servant leaders.

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Sara Center is a society that seeks to support young expecting mothers. It is a charitable organization which operates a helpline and has people to counsel and support young women in difficulties associated with pregnancy.

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The International Church of Ljubljana began in 2002, and operates from this building on Sunday afternoons. This church serves the English-speaking community in Ljubljana, and brings together a variety of people of different nationalities for Bible study, worship, fellowship, and other church gatherings.   

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