The Pentecostal Church of Ljubljana has existed in this present location since 1989, when we purchased and renovated a old farm house. We have since outgrown this facility, and this page presents the members' plan to demolish the existing building and rebuild a purpose-built facility to serve not just Ljubljana, but all of Slovenia, and the surrounding nations.


Celovška cesta 70

p.p. 6030

1000 Ljubljana


Telephone: (01) 505 32 60

Email: bcc.lju@gmail.com

Web: www.bcc.si

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Binkoštna cerkev Center Ljubljana

Celovška cesta 70, p.p. 60-30

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija

Cerkvena spletna stran: www.bcc.si

Dav. št.: 11396164

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